She just wouldn’t stop crying-My 100 word challange

There it was the new born demon the one that will take my spot as the golden child I didn’t even ask for her but my mum and dad didn’t listen. She’s taken my pride and she’s taken my bedroom every night I try to do something nice and clam her down but she just wouldn’t stop crying. “I don’t want her”, I said but she’s your sister she your treasure someone to play with you when you’re down with a frown, mum said, but I, I, I just want to be the best of the very best, your my treasure.


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mayor mayo and Mad madder

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Mattress morning

By Talia


A is for Amy who sighed in disappear

B is for Basle who got in a frazzle

C is for Clarabelle who built a carracle

D is for dommy who named his daughter bonny

E is for Ellie who had a sister called Kellie

F is for frank that was a fish

G is for Gilbert who loved the brand gilbert

H is for Haydee who eats lot of hay

I is for Isabella Who owns a shop called Bella

J is for Jade who lives in a cave

K is for Kala who is a failer

L is for Lola who is a stroller

M is for Mika Who is a seeker

O is for otter who always stutters



My goals for Term 4

Literacy- I really want to learn how to use the dictionary better and find words faster. I really want to have neater handwriting.

Numeracy-I really want to learn my times tables better because they will help me in a test. I really want to learn more about percentages

You can do it- I want to know more people and play with different people. I want to be more organized


Hopes and Wishes for this Term + My main goal

This term I am looking forward to learning different things and doing all the wonderous things that the teachers have planned for this term.This term I hope the teachers chose a really exciting topic for inquiry so that the grade 6’s have a very good last term  and the grade 5’s have a good term. My main goal for this term is to be more efficient in everything like math’s, literacy and you can do it.

My wish for this term is that I get better at Maths Including BODMAS, dividing, Percentages, Fractions and more. I also wish that this term I will get better at literacy and reading, I can do that by trying my hardest during literacy and reading groups.

The Zoo

bgv imagesCAGR7YAY imagesCAJM9JLL Yesterday my family and I went to the zoo. We saw a heap of animals such as a tigers, bears, koalas, and much more. Going to the zoo is soooooooo much fun it’s like being in the funniest place on earth, there is so many activities around the zoo like find 15 frogs and you will get a sticker  or making a frog mask I did find 15 frogs so if I got a sticker I could give to riley. The first animal we went and saw was the tiger because Riley loves tigers he made us stay there until the tiger came up to the glass. After the tiger we didn’t need the map anymore so we just walked around until we were done looking at all the animals. After seeing all the animals we had lunch and bought frozen yogurt for the whole family.

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This Saturday we played St. Tom’s bell. It was an amazing game and all the girls did a fantastic job. We lost by one point but it was still a very close game. The person who got the grilled award was yours truly Talia ;). We had a few injuries including Alex who got hit in her face by her opponent and me by opponent tripping me over by accident but  said sorry after the game.

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The concert!! :)

Last night was the school concert the concert was called ”All Aboard” and we had sooooooooo much fun!

My class songs were Waka Waka and La La La. Everybody did  fantastic job at dancing, acting, and singing everybody tried their very best. Some kids  were very nevus but I wasn’t, I was exited I nearly felt like I was on a sugar rush.

I hope you all enjoyed my post and was very interested byeeeeeeeeeee

Paquita Variation    Partial credit: Gurleen

Netball– playing for st.scholastica’s

It was hard, it was heart racing, but all for a good cause. We were playing for st.scholastic’swe played our best and came second and St. Lenard’s came first,we were all were proud of our team work and how we played, and the effort that we put into the games. We all went home happy

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