100 word callange

Draft—    Shelly, Peggy and Bill were all sitting on the very edge of a cliff; they didn’t notice that Mr. Needle was sneaking up behind them He gave a big BOOOOOOO!! Shelly and Peggy did not move but Bill did, Bill’s feet jumped out of his socks his socks jumped out of his shoe’s and his shoe’s fell of his feet and that wasn’t just it bill fell off  the cliff he was having a bad day. Bill friends all tried to pull him up their hands started to shake but it was too late he fell off. All were sad

 Real thing—  Shelly, Peggy and Bill were all walking near a cliff; they didn’t notice that Mr. Needle was sneaking up behind them He gave a big BOOOOOOO!! All at once they fell over, but bill did NOT, Bill’s feet jumped out of his socks, His socks jumped out of his shoes and his shoes fell off, that wasn’t it bill fell of the cliff bill was having a BAD day!!!!!!!!!. Bill’s friends tried and tried to keep Bill up but it just was too hard, Bill’s friend’s hands got sweaty just then he fell off. Everyone went to the sad funeral.


Over the cliff

My new goals for the week! :)

This week my goals will be

Literacy–To read larger novels that have interesting words so I can learn their meanings

Numeracy– To be better at my 6,7,8,9 timetables

You Can Do It–I really want to make more friends and play with different people

My netball hobbie

cr. Alex Papushoy, ROSES, Netball W1s 17 York VISIOn via CompfightTAMSIN GREENWAYCreative Commons License NAPARAZZI via Compfight

My main hobbie is netball of course I have many other hobbies but I like my netball hobbie best.

Netball is a very good hobbie to have because you get fit doing you’re Favourite thing.

I believe that people should be introduced into netball so if they like it they can play it.

Willem Janszoon– an explorer

On February 1606, he made downfall at the penne-father river on the western shore of Cape York in Queensland near the modern town of Weipa.

He landed in victoria then discovered Cape york in Queensland.





Occupation—Navigator and Colonial governor

Known for—Discovery of Australia



My new goal for the week

Every week I will be posting a goal these are mine for the week

I need to work on my narrative and how they end so that the end sounds good.

I also want to improve my writing because then when I go in to High school my

writing will be good.  

My Learning Goals

These are my learning Goals for this term

Literacy– I want to read larger novels that have interesting words

Numeracy–I want to learn my 6,7,8 and 9 times tables

You can do it–I want to make more friends and play with different people

Cross country

For the whole of term two the threes to sixes  are running in cross country

Cross country is to help us to be fit and healthy.

I think cross country is a good idea and it’s good fun! 🙂


For R.E we did the gifts of the holy spirit

The gifts of the holy spirit are Wonder and Awe, Reverence, Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Courage and Right judgment.

God gave us the gifts of the holy spirit to help us though our live’s

A is for Anzac

A is for Anzac’s                   N is for Nurses

B is for bully Beef             O is for Observation

C is for colour patches     P is for poppy

D is for digger                     Q is for Questions

E is for Enlistment             R is for rising sun

F is for Friendship           S is for Simpson and his donkey

G is for Gallipoli                 T is for tomb

H is for home front             U is for uniforms

I is for ice                         V is for Villagers-bretonneux

J is for Jacka                     W is for war memorials

K is for kit                           X is for Xenyl chloride

L is for letters home         Y is for years apart

M is for meddles               Z is for Zimmerman