Netball– playing for st.scholastica’s

It was hard, it was heart racing, but all for a good cause. We were playing for st.scholastic’swe played our best and came second and St. Lenard’s came first,we were all were proud of our team work and how we played, and the effort that we put into the games. We all went home happy

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My New Glasses

On Saturday 15th of August 2015 I got my new glasses. They look really cool on me,

they are light blue, dark blue and navy. My glasses help me to focus on words

and help me see the white bored and my work.

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My Dad’s gardening

My Dad has grown some weird broccoli and it’s all swirly.

The broccoli is called Romanesco broccoli  and it originated from Italy.

My Dad has heaps of cool stuff in his garden

Comment and tell me what you’ve got in you’re garden and what you wan’t to have.

Here is a picture of the broccoli. Bye