Hopes and Wishes for this Term + My main goal

This term I am looking forward to learning different things and doing all the wonderous things that the teachers have planned for this term.This term I hope the teachers chose a really exciting topic for inquiry so that the grade 6’s have a very good last term  and the grade 5’s have a good term. My main goal for this term is to be more efficient in everything like math’s, literacy and you can do it.

My wish for this term is that I get better at Maths Including BODMAS, dividing, Percentages, Fractions and more. I also wish that this term I will get better at literacy and reading, I can do that by trying my hardest during literacy and reading groups.

One thought on “Hopes and Wishes for this Term + My main goal

  1. Dear Thalia you have come so far since your first blog post, and just because it’s my last year i’ll see you again soon just be yourself and you can achieve anything!

    Cio for now
    Keep up the good work
    From your Dear friend, Stella

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