The Zoo

bgv imagesCAGR7YAY imagesCAJM9JLL Yesterday my family and I went to the zoo. We saw a heap of animals such as a tigers, bears, koalas, and much more. Going to the zoo is soooooooo much fun it’s like being in the funniest place on earth, there is so many activities around the zoo like find 15 frogs and you will get a sticker  or making a frog mask I did find 15 frogs so if I got a sticker I could give to riley. The first animal we went and saw was the tiger because Riley loves tigers he made us stay there until the tiger came up to the glass. After the tiger we didn’t need the map anymore so we just walked around until we were done looking at all the animals. After seeing all the animals we had lunch and bought frozen yogurt for the whole family.

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