About me!

My name is Talia and I’m going to tell you about me

My family started off in Italy then moved to Australia for a better life

When my nonna’s family first went to Australia they lived with a family that had moved there two years before them. When they got enough money to bye their own house they moved out then bought a milky bar my uncle use to eat chocolate when he went to bed and put the rappers under his mattress.

That’s the story where my family originated from now I’m going to tell you a little about me

I have two brothers and their names are Aidan and Riley I love them so much their funny, kind and sometimes annoying but most of the time their alright. I’ve also got my mum and dad,my mums side of the family is from Italy and my dads side of the family is from England

Well thats all I’ve got time for now, but remember to comment


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