My New Glasses

On Saturday 15th of August 2015 I got my new glasses. They look really cool on me,

they are light blue, dark blue and navy. My glasses help me to focus on words

and help me see the white bored and my work.

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My Dad’s gardening

My Dad has grown some weird broccoli and it’s all swirly.

The broccoli is called Romanesco broccoli  and it originated from Italy.

My Dad has heaps of cool stuff in his garden

Comment and tell me what you’ve got in you’re garden and what you wan’t to have.

Here is a picture of the broccoli. Bye




Mt.Evelyn was unforgettable. The nature that surrounded us was beautiful. I never wanted to leave.

We met a new challenge every day and conquer are highest fears such as the flying fox, giant swing and the leap of faith.

The food there was magnificent. Every night it was like biting into a magical rainbow. The first night we had chicken snitzle and apple crumble. The next day we had tossed bacon and scrambled eggs, we had beef tacos for lunch and for dinner we had pizza and chocolate mousse. On the last day we had pancakes for breakfast and for lunch we walked up to a park and had lunch there.


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My grandparents

My grandparents are always there when I need them even in my heart. My grandparents are loving, caring and sharing that’s what’s special about them. I love going for walks with them they never tell me to hurry up and never tell me to slow down.  I will always love my grandparents and they will always love me.  I will never be ungrateful for them and look after them when I get they get older.

I love my grandparents

Emmaus productions

On Wednesday the 22nd of July the 5/6’s went to Emmaus productions Beauty and the beast and it was magnificent. Some people in the class said it was better than T.V

The talent that was in some of those singers was mind-blowing. It’s so amazing how they learnt so many songs; they must have practiced for a long time.

The costumes were beautiful who ever made them did a really good job. They must have put a lot have effort in to the costumes because they were very colorful and creative they also helped me imagine the story.

The props and the backgrounds were very good the props looked like they were real and the backgrounds made it feel like you were looking into the real world. The special effects that were used with the props such as light beams fabric and glitter made it even more entertaining

I hope that one day I will go again so that I can watch it again.



How were your holidays? Mine was good. I went to the movies and saw inside-out and minions, but the best part of my holidays was that I got a new Cat, his name is Mack and we got him from the R.S.P.C.A he is a lot of company and I love him!!!!! I also can’t wait till I go back to school, You’re probably wondering why I want to go back to school , it’s because all the grade 5/6’s are going to camp!!!!!!!

Comment and tell me what you’ve been up to. Here is a picture of Mack Bye!!!!!!


Term 3

Term 3 nearly here, it’s gone so fast and that means………..

THE SCHOOL CONCERT It’s going to be so exciting

Comment and tell me what you’re looking forward to in term 3

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100 word callange

Draft—    Shelly, Peggy and Bill were all sitting on the very edge of a cliff; they didn’t notice that Mr. Needle was sneaking up behind them He gave a big BOOOOOOO!! Shelly and Peggy did not move but Bill did, Bill’s feet jumped out of his socks his socks jumped out of his shoe’s and his shoe’s fell of his feet and that wasn’t just it bill fell off  the cliff he was having a bad day. Bill friends all tried to pull him up their hands started to shake but it was too late he fell off. All were sad

 Real thing—  Shelly, Peggy and Bill were all walking near a cliff; they didn’t notice that Mr. Needle was sneaking up behind them He gave a big BOOOOOOO!! All at once they fell over, but bill did NOT, Bill’s feet jumped out of his socks, His socks jumped out of his shoes and his shoes fell off, that wasn’t it bill fell of the cliff bill was having a BAD day!!!!!!!!!. Bill’s friends tried and tried to keep Bill up but it just was too hard, Bill’s friend’s hands got sweaty just then he fell off. Everyone went to the sad funeral.


Over the cliff

My new goals for the week! :)

This week my goals will be

Literacy–To read larger novels that have interesting words so I can learn their meanings

Numeracy– To be better at my 6,7,8,9 timetables

You Can Do It–I really want to make more friends and play with different people

My netball hobbie

cr. Alex Papushoy, ROSES, Netball W1s 17 York VISIOn via CompfightTAMSIN GREENWAYCreative Commons License NAPARAZZI via Compfight

My main hobbie is netball of course I have many other hobbies but I like my netball hobbie best.

Netball is a very good hobbie to have because you get fit doing you’re Favourite thing.

I believe that people should be introduced into netball so if they like it they can play it.